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Essay On Air Pollution For Students And Children’s

Essay On Air Pollution For Students And Children’s. Air is the basis of the life of beings. The atmosphere is a very important part of the environment. Air is very important for human life. Human life cannot be imagined without air. For the last few years, a huge problem of air pollution has arisen in front of the world.

Essay On Air Pollution

Essay On Air Pollution For Students And Children’s

Air pollution is getting terrible day by day. In the last several years, the number of factories in every city has increased a lot due to which the atmosphere has been greatly affected. In 2015, 1.1 million people died due to pollution. To be healthy, it is very important to have clean environmental air. When a change in air structure poses a health hazard.

Meaning of air pollution:-

Air pollution means getting polluted in the air due to the unnecessary mixing of some elements in the air. Air pollution occurs when any harmful substances like chemicals, micro-substances or organic matter are found in the atmosphere.

When the internal structure gets affected due to dust, smoke, toxic, gas, chemical vapors, scientific experiments in the air, that is, when the excess of heterogeneous substances becomes harmful to humans and their environment, then this condition is called air. It is called pollution.

Causes of air pollution:-

 The reason for increasing air pollution so much is the widespread proliferation of industries, an increase in the number of vehicles leaving smoke and exploitation of energy sources for domestic use. The fresh air of the environment is getting contaminated day-to-day due to the discovery of various substances, organic molecules, and many types of harmful materials.

The increasing population of the world has made more use of natural resources. Due to industrialization, big cities are becoming barren. The smoke that comes out of vehicles and factories contains a quantity of sulfur-dioxide that is first converted into sulfur and later sulfuric acid and remains in the air as droplets.

Some chemical gases reach the atmosphere and react with the ozone system and reduce their quantity, due to which air pollution is increased. If continuous carbon-dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, nitrogen, oxide, hydrocarbon are mixed in the atmosphere in the same way, then air pollution will reach its peak.

The biggest causes of air pollution are textile factories, chemical factories, oil purifier factories, sugar making factories, metallurgical and cardboard making factories, fertilizer and pesticide factories. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon-mono-oxide, sulfur, lead, beryllium, zinc, cadmium, mercury and dust from these factories reach the atmosphere directly, which increases air pollution.

One reason for air pollution is the increasing population and people coming to the cities. Trees and forests are constantly pruned for the arrangement of accommodation and accommodation of people, due to which there is an increase in air pollution. When public and individual toilets are not properly cleaned, air pollution in a particular area increases greatly.

When the dead skin of an animal is removed and its dead body is put in an open place and due to rotting of its body, the stench spreads in the air causing air pollution. Molecular energy contaminates the atmosphere due to the development of space technology, nuclear technology, or the explosion or action that is done for research.

Indicative process of air pollution:-

In our air, there are many gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. Their quantity in the atmosphere is fixed. With the help of the smoke index, the air passes over a paper tape and we can find out the density with the measurement of electric power.

By the method of suspended and floating materials, the amount of dust and soot in the atmosphere can be measured. With the help of substances in the air, the condition of the air structure can be understood. If there is a change in the balance of their ratio in the number of gases, the atmosphere becomes impure due to which the air becomes polluted.

Problems or effects of air pollution :

The consequences of air pollution are very fatal because air is directly related to the life system of the earth. People inhale unclean air and suffer from various types of diseases. The condition of cities has taken a more terrible form than that of villages. This type of contaminated air can cause health problems, illness, and death.

Pollution has greatly affected the life of plants and animals by continuously destroying the entire ecosystem and has reached its peak. Sulfur-dioxide in the air increases the chances of developing asthma. When sulfur-dioxide falls on the ground in the form of droplets, it increases the acidity of the soil and reduces production efficiency.

The ozone system protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, but when there is a shortage of ozone systems, the chances of skin cancer will increase. China is the first and India second in the number of deaths due to air pollution. Air pollution causes decay of buildings, metals, and monuments.

When there is a lack of oxygen in the air, the animals will have trouble breathing. When the substances released from the factories are absorbed by the trees, the health of the animals will be severely affected. Metropolis has the highest impact on air pollution.

Due to air pollution, humans have to face diseases like respiratory, asthma, bronchitis, headache, lung cancer, cough, eye irritation, throat pain, pneumonia, heart disease, vomiting, colds. Sulfur-dioxide is likely to cause a disease called emphysema. Air pollution has the deepest impact on animals and animals. Due to this, the respiratory system and the central nervous system of animals are affected.

The Solution of air pollution :-

Some steps will have to be taken very soon to reduce air pollution. We have to keep the smoke of homes, factories, factories, and vehicles within their limits and try to reduce the use of firecrackers. The garbage-waste will have to be replaced at a regular place.

All laws have to be strictly followed to prevent air pollution. The number of private vehicles has to be reduced. The proper facilities of the system of public vehicles have to be controlled. The pollution control certificate must be complied with and complied with air law.

For the protection of the environment, private institutions will have to control the binding. Solar, water, gas and electric energy powered vehicles will have to be invented and produced in place of petrol, diesel. Use of lead-free petrol has to be controlled. The Misuse of vehicles has to be controlled. Felling of forests has to be encouraged.

Prevention of air pollution:

Air can be saved from contamination by removing contaminants from the air. We can also reduce air pollution through forest protection and plantation. Other energy options should be found in place of firewood. Waste should be disposed of by a suitable method.

Afforestation should be encouraged. Industrial institutions should be settled away from residential places. Masks or goggles should be used while driving the vehicle. The government should use policies that work at home. Use the bicycle as much as possible so that air pollution does not occur.

One should look after and protect the trees around their homes. Electricity should not be used when there is no need. Cooler or fan should be run at the place where you need, the fan or cooler of other places should be closed. Instead of burning dried leaves, they should be used as manure.

Pollution of your vehicle must be checked every three months. Always use leaded petrol. The effect of pollution in the house on the outside is very less, that is why when pollution becomes more outside, then it should go inside the house.

Epilogue: Air pollution is one of the major environmental problems that need to be addressed and addressed by the collective efforts of all. Utilitarianism has led to the exploitation of natural resources, due to which the pollution in the atmosphere has increased continuously. To say that the effect of all pollution is harmful but the effect of air pollution is very wide. To protect the environment, we have to plant more and more trees

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