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Best Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students and Childrens

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students and Children’s. I am a book You must recognize me, of course, why not !! How do I define my existence? If you look at the meaning of the word book, it will be – “Hand-written Pothi”, but this definition is limited by time because in today’s modern books are not written by hand, or printed by machines.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students and Children’s

I would like to introduce myself in this way – I am a repository of knowledge, there is a sea of ​​knowledge in me. I am considered to be the best means of education and entertainment. Without me it is not possible to get an education, it is not possible to imagine the field of education without me. I am the cord between teacher and disciple.

Man has interpreted me as, “Books are considered to be man’s best friend”. I have mother Saraswati’s abode. I do not know how many ignorant scholars become. People who are friendly with me, give me the most time, spend maximum time with me, study me, bring them from darkness to light.

I make it a point to make anyone rich in knowledge. Those who respect me, spend their time reading books, those people are filled with knowledge; Become knowledgeable, and then the whole world respects him. I have the power to take any person to the height. The world salutes what I feel from the heart.

All the scholars in this world, all of them have reached the heights only by taking education from me or they have achieved the success of their life. Whether it is an expert doctor in his field or an IAS officer working in the public interest or a teacher giving knowledge, an engineer building buildings or a scientist doing research for the future, all have reached the peak because of me.

I have shaped the future of people, made them capable, made them liveable in society and also able to manage their livelihood. Those who respect me, they advance in life, make progress, earn a name and those who do not respect me, keep a distance from me, do not take interest in me, they are left behind in the race of life; Never make anything in your life, remain ignorant and in today’s age being ignorant is the biggest curse. I am that magic box, whoever lifts me in his life, life is probably ignited by light.

I am available in different subjects, with many colors and forms, sometimes light or sometimes heavy. My pages can sometimes be yellow, blue or white ie any color. My classification is by subjects, such as literature books, novels, small children’s books, medical books, etc.

After the existence of the earth, when life began and gradually mankind developed, then humans started collecting information about different subjects and the same information was combined, called knowledge, or learning knowledge. It is called. Due to my lack in ancient times, I used to face many difficulties in getting an education.

To acquire knowledge, a good, sustainable medium was needed, through which knowledge could be spread and educated; Everyone can be educated. In the beginning, different things were used, such as leaves, clothes, etc. on which education was given by writing in ink. But time changed and finally, the paper was invented or I got this form, which is in front of you today.

Paper is produced by trees, which is a long and difficult process. On paper, a related subject is written or printed, after which the paper gets the form of a page.

After this, the pages are stitched together in a carefully sorted manner. Even today, it is almost the same method of making a book, with just a slight shuffle; In today’s era, pages are joined together by glue.

I have a very deep and very old relationship with man, even after this, some people keep me very fond and nice and some people are not interested in me at all; This is the nature of different human beings, I have no problem with this because anyone who engages me with his heart will get prosperity.

But I do not like it at all when I sell a penny in the trash, it would be better that I will be presented to a poor child or given to a student in half price because this is Small steps will be very important for the social development of our country.

I am found not only in the field of education but also in the form of religious texts. I have many forms, I am also Gita, I am also Quran, I am also a Bible. All religious texts teach the same lesson, that humanity is the first religion, our first duty as human beings should be: to feed the hungry, to help the poor, to protect the weak, not to hurt anyone, respect to all Doing, being in love with everyone.

I also give moral values ​​in this way, I show mankind the way of truth so that life can be simple and happy but man does not understand this or we get to see riots in the name of religion and caste.

Man always fights on the difference of religions and people of every caste consider their religion to be the highest, but on the other hand, if humans pay attention to the similarities of religion, then nothing should be so complicated and all of each other Be polite with you.

But, nowadays my mind remains very sad. What is the reason for my sadness ?! In today’s fast-paced state of the art, my importance is decreasing, there are very few people who know my true worth and love me. My place is now given more importance to the information on the Internet.

In this machine age, everyone likes to take information and knowledge through the internet, although all the facts and all the knowledge on the internet are not correct, a lot of information can also be wrong; It should be read carefully, using meaningless intelligence.

The situation is that even today a mother likes to give elementary education to her children by holding a mobile phone in her hand; The child learns pomegranates and poems from mobile phones only: in contrast, there was an era when books were first handed in small little hands. Today’s youth also spend more time on the internet by not spending time with books.

During puberty, the amount of knowledge to be acquired is less, but today’s young generation is addicted to the internet by not interested in books. Internet is not a bad medium, that is, it is not a wrong means of acquiring knowledge, but if it is kept limited, it will be the best.

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