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Best Essay On If I Were a Chief Minister For Students And Childrens

Essay On If I Were a Chief Minister For Students And Children’s. Almost every man dreams. If someone wants to become a millionaire in a dream, someone wants to become a millionaire, a doctor wants to be a doctor, someone an engineer, an administrator, and a minister.

Essay On If I Were a Chief Minister

Essay On If I Were a Chief Minister For Students And Childrens

As far as I am concerned, my dream is to become the Chief Minister, to liberate the country from illiteracy, superstition, unemployment, and poverty. Education is the cornerstone of democracy. I will first focus on education. Primary education will be compulsory and further education will be employment-oriented. To get a higher education specialty. Will be given The course will include such lessons to get rid of superstition and malpractices and increase the feeling of citizenship and duty.

There will be more emphasis on removing political corruption. Office procedures will be simplified. Strict laws will be made to punish the corrupt. The leaders in jail will also remain like ordinary prisoners.

Election laws will be made in such a way that the emphasis of lath, lathi, and lathe is eliminated. The candidate will have to declare his movable and immovable property along with the nomination, the election-related decisions will be decided in a month. No person shall contest elections from two places and shall not be a minister of more than two times nor a member of the Legislative / Lok Sabha more than four times. The defeated person shall not be the chairman or officer of any public body/assembly. Lokpal will be able to review the procedure of all public sector persons.

Agriculture will be given priority. A network of canals and tube wells will be laid for irrigation with consolidation. Arrangements will be made to conserve rainwater and the country’s rivers will be connected so that floods and droughts can be combated. ‘Flood and Drought Authority’ will be created to get rid of flood and drought.

In the field of industry, more attention will be given to small scale industries with large industries and the establishment of industries in the public sector as well as the private sector will be encouraged.

Special emphasis will be laid on power generation and rail and road construction. For the empowerment of half the population ie women, at least 40 percent seats in the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha will be ensured.

The responsibility of establishing peace in the country rests with the police, hence the police system will be made efficient. He will be provided with the resources with which he can reach the criminals easily and quickly. Such as trains wireless sets etc. Sangam judicial system and strict punishment will be arranged. The responsibility of each will be fixed.

In the field of foreign policy, attention will be given to the national interest and the making of atomic bombs will not be avoided. There will be one law for people of all castes, religions, and communities and those who do politics will not be able to participate in religious and ethnic gatherings.

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