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Best Essay On If I Were A Prime Minister For Children’s And Student’s

Essay On If I Were A Prime Minister For Children’s And Students. Hey! This is what I started thinking. This is such a heavy word for the Prime Minister, which on hearing one realizes many kinds of responsibilities on the one hand, and on the other hand, one starts to grow up with an unintentional pride.

Essay On If I Were A Prime Minister

Essay On If I Were A Prime Minister For Children’s And Student’s

To be the Prime Minister of a great democracy like India is indeed a matter of great pride and pride, who can deny this fact. To become Prime Minister, it is very important to have long and substantial life experiences, direct experience of political work and activities.

To become Prime Minister, it is also necessary to have a background of public work and services and such a person’s own life should also be a perfect example of sacrifice and penance. To be Prime Minister, it is also considered very essential for a person to be smart, clever, diplomatic, efficient and able to pressure and attack.

Surely I do not have all these qualifications, then often this thing keeps churning my mind. If I were the Prime Minister? If I were the Prime Minister, my duty, first of all, would be to emphasize education and measures to build a national character for the citizens of independent India, especially for the younger generation, by working with full vigor and rigor.

Before starting small development plans, if our present Prime Minister would have paid attention to national character-building and then started development plans, then indeed his benefit would have reached even the man.

Today, our plans and all government-semi-government departments are immersed in stubbornness and corruption, having a national character, such possibilities would automatically disappear. Because of this, if I were the Prime Minister, I would have done the same thing on a primary basis.

Today the constitution is in force in independent India, the fundamental drawback of it is that it is about to distribute the country’s minority, majority, scheduled castes, tribes, etc. in the mines, it has also made different laws and laws for each, while slogan parity And equality is imposed.

If I were the Prime Minister, I would have made the word ‘Indian’ and uniform constitutional law for everyone to remove such deficiencies left in the constitution so that they can be fulfilled only by national resources. For them, they do not have to pledge the nation’s peace by being dependent on foreign money and help.

Do not allow such economic policies or other schemes to come under pressure, which is contrary to national self-respect, in the near future, many types of economic and cultural losses will also come.

An independent nation has its own national language and education policy designed in front of its national cultural interests. Even after half a century of independence, India is unable to value these two important works from the right perspective.

If I were the Prime Minister, I would not only try to make such an education policy promptly but also solve the problem of the national language at the primary level, to declare a national language as well, to solve the problem of the national language at the primary level, to declare its national language.

If I were the Prime Minister, corruption would never have been nationalized. When corruption of any person comes to the fore, he would snatch away all his movable and immovable property and declare it national property. Likewise, neither would allow such separatist elements to emerge and would crush their heads vigorously.

Protecting national interests, unity, and equality, protecting the dignity of the individual and suppressing injustice and atrocities being done to the female caste, I would have done all possible measures. The Prime Minister’s chair would have gone, but I would not play the game of getting votes and saving the chair, to protect the honor and honor of the Nation and the nation, to do what the common people want and do what is necessary.

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