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Best Essay On My Favourite Teacher For Students And Childrens

Essay On My Favourite Teacher For Students And Children’s. We all know the value of a teacher in our lives. The teacher has an important place in our life. Teachers teach us the things of knowledge necessary for our existence. Teacher-provided education changes the lives of students.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher For Students And Childrens

Essay On My Favourite Teacher For Students And Childrens

Children become educated and achieve success in life, then a teacher feels even more proud. Therefore, the teacher is very attached to his students. Every teacher is required and equally loved and respected by the students.

Although we treat all our teachers equally, sometimes because of some of the qualities of an individual teacher, we like them more and they become our favorite teachers. Their qualities can be anything like their creation, cooperative and loving nature, method of teaching or excellent academic knowledge, etc.

I also have a favorite teacher who has sometimes impressed me with my academic excellence and rare ability to treat each of my students equally. I remember that he does not hesitate at all when answering the question.

If you do not understand how many times someone asks, they never get annoyed and understand every question in detail so that all the students understand the text well. In addition, they have the unusual ability to treat all students equally…

While giving lectures, he interacts with everyone, taking everyone along and moving into class, not even backing backbenchers. It only shows his fair and disposition to take all the students along and how seriously he takes his profession.

As a gardener, the teacher not only grows her pupils as plants but also fills them with a scent of qualities by developing a better personality. The teacher has a significant contribution in building our social, educational and mental levels.

Without the guidance of the teacher, no student can achieve success in their life, hence the teacher plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life. Some teachers become the inspiration for the student’s life.

Who is my favorite teacher?

 My Favorite Teacher is Mr. Saurav sir. He is an outstanding teacher who teaches mathematics in senior classes at our school. Due to their method of teaching and their influential personality, each student admires and respects them.

His best thing is that he treats all the students equally and treats all of them very politely and mildly. He always falls for students by interpreting beautiful simple languages ​​so that every student understands the lecture well.

Why is he, my dear teacher?

He is the ideal teacher and deputy principal of our school. He is an excellent source of inspiration for his students. His behavior towards his colleagues and students is excellent and admirable. Due to his hard work, he is recognized everywhere. Very few teachers like him are found.

Every student in school and our class likes his / her teaching style because it teaches children in its purest form. Once the head teaches mathematics, they ask us to repeat it at home and practice twice, which makes them different from other teachers in the school.

When he gives us questions to solve, once we solve the question, he gets the numbers separated and practiced more often, which gives us an opportunity to understand the subject more and more.

He is an inspiration :-

My favorite teacher Mr. Saurav Sir treats all students highly and always encourages his students to move forward in life and achieve their goals. He also helped me develop my understanding and made me worthy so that I can achieve my life goals.

Our favorite teacher Saurav sir always focuses more on weak students so that not a single student is left behind. Excellent class students are also requested to help weaker colleagues.

He always tells the students to always be aware of the goals of studies and life. He is not only very helpful in studies, but also encourages us to participate in extra-curricular activities. He always inspires students who also do well in studies and sports.

Since Saurav Sir lives near the school, he gives free tuition for one hour every evening to the weaker students of the class. Every student is getting better results after starting tuition at home, and so far, the Maths subject is improving every year.

Child Psychology Specialist :-

He is an expert in child psychology. What children want, what they think, they know all these things. When he feels that students are getting bored, he adds some humor to his speeches and makes the classroom atmosphere lively and cheerful.

The atmosphere of the class becomes happy, and everyone in the class listens to them again. His presence in the morning gathering, laboratory, library, and playground are very inspiring for the students.

He is excellent and humble, but he gets tough while teaching and wants no student to talk about it while teaching, just focuses only on studies.

He is famous throughout the school for pleasing the class with gentle jokes, but he makes sure that the students get good marks in the exam. He is a complete teacher with excellent teaching ability, most accommodating nature, good use of humor and other good qualities of a teacher.

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