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Essay On Noise Pollution For Students And Children’s

Essay On Noise Pollution For Students And Children’s. Noise pollution is the industrial or non-industrial actions that affect the health of humans, plants, and animals by creating sound through various sound sources from many dimensions. The ever increasing level of noise pollution has put the lives of present and future generations at great risk. Below we will discuss the sources, effects of noise pollution and the legal dimensions to prevent noise pollution.

Essay On Noise Pollution

Essay On Noise Pollution For Students And Children’s

Following are the main sources of noise pollution:-

Much noise pollution in India is increased through urbanization, modern civilization, industrialization, etc. The spread of sound is due to industrial and non-industrial sources. Industrial sources of sound include large machines of high technology working at high speed and high noise generating machines in many industries. Non-industrial sources that produce sound include means of transportation, transportation, and other man-made activities. Some industrial and non-industrial sources of noise pollution are given below:

  • Air force aircraft increase noise pollution in the environment on a very large scale.
  • The means of transport on the road, day by day, motor vehicles such as trucks, buses, autos, bikes, personal cars, etc. are starting to generate more noise. Large buildings in cities produce sound in their surrounding area for some time during their construction.
  • Industrial noise due to use of motor and compressor, fans, etc. in manufacturing industries.
  • Factory the sound produced through hammers, bulldozers, air compressors, dump trucks, loaders, etc. at the time of construction of large buildings, roads, highways, city roads, etc.
  • Railroad noise (when lifting and dropping train locomotive engines, whistles, horns, railway gates) is very effective in producing a high level of noise as this climax sounds range from about 120 dB to 100 feet. Let’s create a sound.
  • Noise caused by plumbing, generators, blowers, home appliances, music, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, wings and other activities in buildings.
  • Another source of noise pollution is the use of various varieties of firecrackers during festivals and other family festivals.

Following are the effects of noise pollution:-

Noise pollution greatly affects the health of humans, animals, and property. Some of them are:

  • Increasing noise pollution day by day reduces the ability and quality of work of humans.
  • Noise pollution reduces concentration capacity to a large extent due to fatigue.
  • It affects pregnant women the most and causes irritability and miscarriage.
  • Many diseases (high blood pressure and mental stress) are caused by people because of disturbing mental peace.
  • Loud sound reduces the quality of work and due to which the level of concentration is low.
  • If the level of voice is 80 dB to 100 dB, it causes temporary or permanent deafness in people.
  • It damages historical buildings, old buildings, bridges, etc. as they are very weak in structure and strong sound creates dangerous waves that damage their walls.
  • Animals lose their control over their brain and become very dangerous because of the loud sound affects their nervous system (nervous system).
  • It also affects trees and plants and produces poor varieties.

Following are the statutory steps to prevent noise pollution:

  • The Constitution of India has given the right to live life, get information, follow your religion and make noise.
  • Section 133 empowers citizens to withdraw public performance on conditional and permanent orders.
  • Under the Environment Protection Act 1996, the Noise Pollution Control Rule 2000 has been included to control the increasing problem of noise pollution.
  • The Noise Reduction and Oil Machinery Factories Act regulates noise at the workplace.
  • The Motor Vehicles Act covers the use of honk and malfunctioning engines.
  • The Indian Penal Code deals with health and safety issues posed by noise pollution. Anyone can be punished under the trot law.


Noise pollution has created an urgent need for general awareness about its source, effects, and measures to prevent noise pollution. The sound level should be stopped at places like the workplace, educational institutes, residential areas, hospitals, etc. For young children and students with loud voice activities such as; On any occasion, the use of instruments and instruments that produce a loud sound, etc. should be encouraged not to get involved.

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