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Essay On Water Pollution For Students And Children’s

Essay On Water Pollution For Students And Children’s. Water is an integral part of the environment. Water is a very important source of our life, that is why water is said to be life. Life cannot be imagined on earth without water. Water is one of the basic needs of humans.

Essay On Water Pollution

Essay On Water Pollution For Students And Children’s

The scientific and technological progress of the last two hundred years has made human life very convenient. The Industrial Revolution has made the lives of millions of people happy. Due to the discovery of new medicines, the age of man is getting longer and mortality is decreasing.

Thus we come to know that this machine age has given us a lot. But if we look at the environment around us, we realize that this progress is poisoning our lives. One form of this poison is also contamination spread all around.

The life of the place where water gets contaminated also gets in trouble. The river Ganga was considered very holy and anyone who took a bath in it was considered holy but the same Ganges river has become contaminated today due to the waste coming out of factories. But the Indian government has enacted laws for the cleanliness of the Ganges.

Types of pollution: There are many types of pollution – water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, etc. Pollution is all kinds of deadly but water pollution has greatly affected the people of our country. Water pollution means such substances are found in rivers, lakes, ponds, underground and seawater, which makes the water not fit for use by animals and animals. For this reason, every life which is based on water is greatly affected.

Causes of water pollution:

One of the most prominent causes of water pollution is our industry occupation. The chemical waste that comes out of our industries, factories, and factories is dumped directly into rivers and ponds. The waste that is released into rivers and ponds is very toxic and it also makes the water of rivers and ponds poisonous.

Due to contamination of the water of rivers and ponds, animals and animals living in it die and if any animal or human drinks that water then the animal dies and man becomes the victim of many diseases. Apart from the industries, there are many other reasons which cause water pollution.

The waste that comes out of our cities and villages is dumped in rivers and ponds. Today, people also use chemical fertilizers and medicines in agriculture, due to which the sources of water are greatly affected. When the contaminated water of rivers gets into the sea, seawater also gets contaminated.

As the plastic pile increases, it is thrown into the sea. Sometimes, when an accident occurs, the fuel of the vessels gets spread in the sea, which causes more water pollution. This oil spreads all around in the sea and forms a layer over the water. Due to this many animals living in the sea die.

When people bathe in ponds and put body dirt and feces in it, the water of the pond gets contaminated. When dirty water from rivers and drains gets mixed in water, the water gets contaminated. When water is collected at one place and waste is also contaminated by going to the garbage.

People wash clothes and utensils near the river or ponds instead of washing them at home, due to which soap, pot dirt, snake water all get mixed in the river and pond water, due to which the water gets contaminated. And this is what causes destruction.

Some people tie leftover or spoiled food in a garbage bag and drain it into the water, thereby contaminating it by mixing it in the river or pond water. People who live near the river or reservoirs, they shed a person in the water instead of burning it on the death and the rotting of the corpse increases the number of toxic germs in the water and causes a lot of pollution. Is increased.

Gas and dust are present in the air and they all get mixed with rainwater and water pollution increases wherever it accumulates. When an atom is tested in water, some nuclear particles are found in it, which contaminates the water.

Water pollution problems or effects:

Water pollution has become a very serious problem in the modern era. Earlier people who lived by drinking the water of rivers and ponds, in today’s time people become victims of many diseases by drinking that water. Even crores of people face the problem of drinking water.

By consuming contaminated water, a person has to cope with problems related to cholera, dysentery, decay, and stomach. Not only the contaminated water inside the human but also lace worms and spherulites also reach, due to which the human being suffers disease. When nuclear tests are done in the oceans, at that time some nuclear particles are found in the sea, due to which the balance of sea creatures and flora, as well as the environment of the sea, is deteriorated.

When the residual material, hot water is received from factories in the waters, the atmosphere is also heated along with water pollution, due to which the number of fauna and flora starts to decrease and the aquatic environment is also imbalanced. If there is water pollution in this way, then the need for clean water will not be met.

The solution of  Water Pollution:

Our government should take immediate steps to prevent water pollution. Litter-waste and plastics are not to be thrown into the sea and they have to be recycled and used to generate energy. Factories that cause more pollution will have to issue closure orders. Periodic spraying of red medicines will have to be done in the red wells. Water that has become dirty will have to be made potable with the help of filters. Garbage and waste have to be prevented from spreading where there is water.

Prevention of water pollution:-

The government should ban factories and industries for dumping waste into rivers. The waste that comes out of the city should also not be allowed to be dumped in water without properly cleaning it. Organic agriculture should be encouraged more than the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Washing clothes on the river or ponds should be banned by the people. The washermen wash their clothes and utensils in the ponds, they should warn about the increasing water pollution. So that the water of the ponds can be protected and made potable and the animals and animals living in it can also be safe.

The animals should be prevented from bathing in the ponds because the water of the pond is stagnant and due to the bathing of animals, that water gradually becomes dirty and then is not useful in any way. People should also refuse to take a bath as they use soap or shampoo while bathing which increases water pollution.

Use the least chemical in the water that comes out of the houses so that it cannot pollute the land. Cities, towns and villages must clean the ponds and rivers at least once a year and remove the waste surrounding the ponds.

There should be a system of removal of residual materials from factories. Along with the execution of these substances, arrangements should be made for the lossless. The nuclear tests at sea should be stopped.

Epilogue: Water pollution has taken the form of an emergency in today’s time. In such a situation, we have to take very big steps immediately. If we want to keep the sources of water safe in the future and give clean water to the people of our country for drinking, then from this time we have to take steps to overcome this problem. If we delay this matter then it will prove more fatal.

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