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If I Were A Teacher Essay For Children’s And Student’s

If I Were A Teacher Essay for students. A teacher is very important in any society. The teacher educates the new generation of society. It depends a lot on the merit of a teacher whether his students become eligible citizens of the country in the future. The teacher recognizes the talent of the students with their intelligence and motivates them to move forward.

If I Were A Teacher Essay

If I Were A Teacher Essay For Children’s And Student’s

Through the simple education system, he teaches the students in an interesting way and thus the studies do not seem to be a burden to the students, instead, they take a voluntary interest in the studies. On the other hand, teachers who do not perform their duties do not pay attention to their students and due to the negligence of the teachers, the future of such students becomes uncertain.

In fact, the teacher has a great contribution to the development of any society and country. Being a teacher is considered a matter of pride. That is why I often think of becoming a teacher so that I can set the ideal as a teacher.

Today, some teachers have become disillusioned with their duty in the craving for money. They do not pay much attention to educating the students but instead, make efforts to earn money from various sources. Such teachers only come to register their attendance in the school. They teach students a nominal amount in the class and invite them to take their home tuition.

The temples of education are losing respect due to such teachers. If I were a teacher, I would have tried as much as possible to preserve the pride of the teachers. The only objective of the teacher is to make the students scholars so that they can support themselves in the development of the country.

I worked hard day and night to make the students scholar, and build their character. Teachers need to study themselves to educate students. If I were a teacher, regularly. Study, so that I do not have difficulty in giving proper answers to all the questions of the students.

I used to visit my school regularly and focus only on students’ education, not in vain laughter with other teachers in the school. With the students of my class, I would establish a cordial relationship with friendly behavior, so that the students get excited and interested in studies and do not hesitate to inform me about their problems and difficulties.

I do not tolerate his negligence in studies with a good relation with students. I would try my best to make my students aware of the truth that education is achieved through hard work and discipline is necessary for this. If I were a teacher, I would regularly teach students in the class.

When necessary, I would also teach the students extra time, so that they do not need tuition in any subject. I would not hesitate to come to my home for the more weak students in studies so that they can overcome their shortcomings related to studies. I do not let my students depend on guide books to pass.

I would not advise them to rote the subject and give all the information related to the subject in such a way that it would sit permanently in their mind and brain. If I were a teacher, I would have given special emphasis to the students’ character-building besides their studies.

I would regularly give moral education to my students, motivate them to read inspirational literature so that as an ideal person, they can get respect in society and can always raise their head and walk. Additionally, I would also encourage my students to be health-conscious.

I would advise them to exercise regularly so that they can stay healthy and not face any difficulty in the struggle of life. The contribution of a teacher is very important in the construction of society and nation, if I were a teacher, I would have proved it. The students follow the teacher, so I would set the ideal myself so that my students could be motivated on the right path.

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